iThemba Project Managers and Consultants (Pty) Ltd

About Our Company


Directors Dawie and Karen Gerrits started the Company in December 2012 and Luwellen and Martha Marx joined in November 2019. They decided in to fill a void that they have seen in the Civil Engineering market through their combined experience of over 68 years in the industry. A void exists in linking good project management principals between clients, consultants and contractors. We want to put people into the faceless environment of engineering who can bring back the personal touch in service delivery. Treating clients, consultants and contractors as the professionals they are and establishing trust in Civil Engineering service delivery through basic principles of good values, high moral standards and integrity. The word “ITHEMBA” meaning “FAITH” in Zulu is what we want to bring back into the business of Service delivery in Civil Engineering.

Ø  Ownership is currently as a family and friend business shared by the Gerrits and Marx partnership in equal shares between the spouses. 49% Women owned and 51% Black owned.

 Dawie Gerrits the Technical Director Pr Tech Eng/Pr CPM/M_IMESA/M_SAICE

 Luwellen Marx the Construction Director Pr CM

Karen Gerrits the Financial Director B.Com. Accounting

 Martha Marx the Admin Director


We are building our business of the 7 Ithemba pillars of:

1)      Ethical (Practice what you preach and be known for ethical business principals).

2)      Reality / History (The why is it necessary, in engineering service delivery).

3)      Trust / Reliability (Anti-corruptive business practices).

4)      Knowledge / Truth (Best option solutions to engineering service delivery).

5)      Creative / Innovative (Out of the box thinking solutions to engineering service delivery problems).

6)      Answers / Solutions (Create the master plan and best solution for engineering service delivery problems).

7)      Mercy / Grace (Show mercy and grace to the Creation as the creator).

Why Choose iThemba

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is defined as a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline after military engineering, and it was defined to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering. It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, geophysics, geodesy, control engineering, structural engineering, biomechanics, nanotechnology, transportation engineering, earth science, atmospheric sciences, forensic engineering, municipal or urban engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering. Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal through to national governments, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international development companies

Construction Industry

Our key focus will be in the total service delivery for Governmental Departments, Municipalities and private development companies that require the services of professionals in the Civil Engineering industry for the full project life cycle implementation of projects. We want to focus on SMME small contractor development and job creation through the Ubuntu philosophy “I am because we are,” or “humanity towards others,” in the philosophical sense “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

Service Delivery

We want to provide in the needs of all clients seeking professional service delivery for Civil Engineering and Multi-Disciplinary projects. Our services in full lifecycle Project Management that includes expert experience for service excellence in appropriate and affordable solutions.

Meet Our Directors

Dawie Gerrits

Technical Director

Karen Gerrits

Financial Director

Luwellen Marx

Construction Director

Martha Marx

Admin Director

Some Facts About iThemba Project Managers and Consultants


Designing services in the Civil Engineering field that can be implemented by maximizing the use of labour and create work opportunities for the poor. Assist others in the opportunity to further their studies, knowledge, and skills in the construction, project management, and engineering fields. Mentoring and sharing the vision of taking the Vuk’uphile and Ubuntu principal to the next level. To help people become a better version of themself and assist in an exit strategy that is sustainable and suitable for them as a person and their businesses.

Number of Projects the directors were involved in

423 +

Acclaimed Projects

11 +

EPWP work opportunities created

263 +

People Served through Projects

150000 +